Division of Research Safety

A unit of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation

University of Illinois

Promoting a culture of safety through the implementation and oversight of comprehensive safety programs, building partnerships, and providing key services.


FY21 Audits have been completed. Annual reports to department heads and deans with results from the laboratory audit program will go out soon. Response to findings in the audit reports will need to be documented by Thursday, July 15th to be counted in the annual report data. To access the audit report and respond to any unaddressed findings, click the laboratory audit link under the profile menu.

A new IBC Registration System will be launched on Saturday, June 19th.

Previously approved projects will be imported into the new system as updates to approvals are initiated by the lab.

All new projects will be initiated in the new system beginning June 19th.

Contact DRS immediately to report any incident or near miss (e.g. "close call") at 217-333-2755 or drs@illinois.edu. DRS will complete a follow-up report detailing the events that led to the incident or near miss. For more information see the Incident Reporting and Investigation page.