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  • Contact DRS before entering a chemical waste request of 50 or more containers and/or a large number of small ampoules, test tubes, or vials. DRS may be able to lessen your workload.

Instructions for using the waste management app

Additional Resources

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  • A Note about Mixed Waste

    Mixed waste is regulated waste that has multiple hazardous characteristics. Most commonly, mixed waste consists of waste chemicals that also contain radioactive materials. However, mixed waste may consist of wastes that have two or three of the following characteristics: biological, chemical, and radioactive.

    Mixed wastes must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Describe your mixed waste and DRS will have the appropriate person work with you to dispose of it. Mixed waste can be difficult and expensive to dispose. If you can, please contact DRS for advice before you generate any mixed waste.

    Last Update: 6/29/2020
    Updated By: landon