Laboratory Safety Contact and Personnel

The Principal Investigator (PI) or Laboratory Supervisor may designate one or more people to serve as Laboratory Safety Contact(s) (SCs) to assist in safety management.

I'm a SC, but what do I do?

SCs may assist with tasks such as, 

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Organize personnel training
  • Ensure proper waste disposal
  • Conduct weekly eyewash testing/monthly fire extinguisher checks
  • Update online safety profile information
  • Respond to audit findings

These individuals and their assigned responsibilities should be made known to all laboratory personnel. In addition, PIs/supervisors should identify SCs on the personnel page for their laboratory on the Division of Research Safety (DRS) website. This allows the SC to access and update personnel and assign lab spaces and their hazard profiles for the lab group. SCs will be listed on DRS-issued laboratory door signs and receive reminders and other safety-related notifications from DRS. All personnel listed for a lab group will be able to view the laboratory hazard profiles. PI/supervisors and SC can view training records for all listed personnel.

Laboratory Hazard Profile

A laboratory hazard profile is created on the DRS website for each laboratory group. Its purpose is to outline hazards that standard operating procedures and training should address. In addition, the information will be used for a laboratory door sign summarizing the hazards in the laboratory. The hazard profile will include current information on biohazards, isotopes, x-ray equipment, high powered lasers, electrical hazards and chemical hazards. As new hazards are added to the laboratory, the hazard profile should be updated by the PI/supervisor or the SC. To update your hazard profile log into the DRS website and click on the hazards link located in the profile menu. The "i" next to each hazard category provides more information on what hazards should be listed.  DRS will provide assistance upon request. 

To complete the hazard profile for chemicals, there are two options:

Provide DRS with a list of the chemicals in the laboratory.

If there is no chemical inventory for the laboratory, an inventory template and instructions are below. DRS staff will use the Laboratory Hazard Assessment for Chemicals process on the DRS website to categorize the material by hazard type/amount and determine risk levels. The PI or SC should review the hazard profile to confirm its accuracy and to add hazards that were not included in the inventory, e.g. compressed gases or cryogens. 


Use the Laboratory Hazard Assessment for Chemicals guidance document below to complete the profile.

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Laboratory Door Signs

DRS provides signs for exterior (hallway) laboratory doors. Door signs include emergency contact information and a summary of all hazards present. An example door sign is shown here.

Before DRS can issue a door sign, the following information is required:

  1. Emergency contact information for Principal Investigator and Laboratory Safety Contacts. (Log into the DRS website and update the "contact card" located on your profile page). 
  2. A complete laboratory hazard profile.

DRS is automatically notified when a hazard profile has been created or updated and when there have been changes to the Safety Contacts for a lab and will create and post a new sign. If you do not receive your door signs within two weeks of making changes to the hazard profile or SC information contact DRS at

Last Updated: 12/7/2021