The following is a list of examples of safety equipment and accessories that meet university policy requirements for work with biological materials. These items and suitable alternatives can be purchased from distributors such as Fisher Scientific, VWR, Sigma, BioExpress. A list of links to companies that sell these items is available at the end of the document.

Biohazard Bags

  • Constructed of material that is safe to autoclave.
  • Color may be red, orange, or clear as long as the international biohazard symbol is prominently displayed.
  • Select a size that will fit your autoclave.

Orange Autoclave Bag Fishersci Cat# 01-814

Puncture-resistant autoclave bags Fishersci Cat# 01-829, 01-827

Biohazard Containers

  • Minimum requirements: labeled, leak proof, with a lid.
  • Basic receptacles may be purchased from local stores such as Walmart or Target.
  • Biohazard symbol shall be displayed prominently on the lid and sides (request free biohazard stickers from the Division of Research Safety via e-mail).
  • Units with a foot pedal opener are popular because they allow hands-free operation.

Eagle Biohaz Step on Waste Container,  Fishersci Cat# 18-1880

Rubbermaid Brute Containers and lids, 10 gal Fishersci Cat# 19-046-663, 19-046-680 

Vacuum line protection

  • In-line HEPA filters protect house vacuum lines from contamination.
  • HEPA filters remove 99.97% of .3mm particles

Millipore Millex Filter Units Fishersci cat# SLFG85010 and SLFG025LS


  • Non-glass containers such as stainless steel or plastic (i.e., polypropylene) that are autoclavable.
  • Sides should be high enough to contain liquids but not high enough to interfere with steam penetration.

Medical Action Stainless-Steel Utility Trays Fishersci cat# 13-361C

Nalgene Polypropylene Sterilizing Trays Fishersci cat# 13-359 or 13-361

Centrifuge Safety

  • These tools prevent aerosols of high risk samples from being generated during centrifugation and allow samples to be safely opened in a biosafety cabinet.
  • Safety cups are specific to the centrifuge: check for part availability from manufacturer.
  • O-ringed tubes should be used during centrifugation of risk group 2 material if safety cups are not available.

Corning 1.5 with o-ring Fishersci Cat# 05-538-71A

M-20: plate spinner for rotor for Sorvall ST-16

8x50 Fixed angle rotor for Sorvall ST-16

Nalgene sealing cap are autoclavable and fit standard 15 ml conical tubes; SigmaAldrich cat# C6062-2EA

Culture Containment

  • Vented with .2mm pore filter for culturing risk group 2 organisms.
  • Disposables simplify waste clean-up. Eliminates risk of broken glass.

Corning Disposable Erlenmeyer FisherSci cat #07-200-668

Corning Cell Culture Flasks FisherSci Cat# 10-126-37

Alternatives to Bunsen Burners

  • Open flame burners should not be used a biological safety cabinet.
  • Glass bead sterilizers and electric furnaces are alternatives for sterilizing loop, forceps.

Argos Nova Microcinerator FisherSci Cat# 03-391-190

Steri 250 Glass Bead Sterilizer FisherSci Cat# NC9531961

Glove Bag/Box

  • An air-tight enclosure for opening containers of or dry biotoxins when a fume hood is not available.
  • There are disposable and permanent solutions.
  • Disposable options simplify cleanup without taking up bench space.
  • Permanent glove boxes allow for a draft-free environment for scale accuracy.

Scienceware Clear View glove box with air lock SigmaAldrich Cat# Z681563

Glove Bag Inflatable Chambers ColeParmer Cat#108DX-37-37H


  • Syringes with a safety-lock (e.g., Luer-Lok by BD) connecter secure the needle to the syringe.
  • Syringes with automated retraction limit exposure to contaminated needles.
  • Hinged safety syringes allow for the one handed shielding of needles after use if recapping is necessary.

BD Luer-Lok syringes compared to a slip tips

BD Eclipse Hypodermic Needles FisherSci Cat# 14-821-25

Retractable Technologies VanishPoint Automated Retraction Syringes Product# 10551

Spore Vials

Autoclave validation is an important step to ensure that waste is safe for others to handle and safe for the environment.

Mesa Labs ProTest Self-Contained Biological Indicators for Steam, FisherSci Cat# NC9433242

Laboratory Chairs

Chairs should be non-cloth, non-porous material such as vinyl or plastic that can be readily decontaminated.

Five-Leg Base Vinyl Chairs FisherSci Cat# S68902

Upholstered Stool FisherSci Cat# 14-359-409


A complete list of approved vendors that have university contracts is available;

    Last Updated: 10/18/2019