Division of Research Safety

The Division of Research Safety (DRS) provides service and programs to assist the campus community in maintaining a safe work environment.

Questions?  Email drs@illinois.edu

Organizational Chart

Management Team

Monica Miller Director217-244-9585
David SchererAssociate Director, Regulated Waste & Technical Services217-244-7605
Linda Arseneau Assistant Director, Biological Safety Officer217-244-1939
Stephanie Tumidajski HessAssistant Director, Chemical Hygiene Officer217-244-1360
Tina McGill Assistant Director, Administrative Services217-244-2952

Program Areas

ProgramPoint of ContactPhone
Accident Reporting Stephanie Tumidajski-Hess217-244-1360
Autoclave Use and Validation Melissa Ryerson217-300-8939
Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-laboratoriesJamie Richards217-300-0723
Chemical Use in the LaboratoryStephanie Tumidajski-Hess217-244-1360
Chemical Use in Non-Laboratory SettingsAnja Metz217-244-0160
Hazardous WasteLandon Hill217-333-2436
Human Material Use and RegistrationMichael Miles217-244-7362
Institutional Biosafety CommitteeLinda Arseneau217-244-1939
Laboratory AuditsStephanie Tumidajski-Hess217-244-1360
Laser Use and RegistrationAnja Metz217-244-0160
Radiation and Laser Safety CommitteeDavid Scherer217-244-7605
Radioactive Material Use and RegistrationDavid Scherer217-244-7605
Shipping Hazardous MaterialsLinda Arseneau217-244-1939
Training Registration and RequirementsTina McGill217-244-2952
X-Ray Use and RegistrationDavid Scherer217-244-7605

General Directory

Name Title Phone
Abbigail KitzmillerResearch Safety Professional217-300-7648
Anja MetzResearch Safety Professional217-244-0160
Brian MeschewskiResearch Safety Professional217-333-2423
David SchererAssociate Director, Regulated Waste & Technical Services217-244-7605
Heather CravenEnvironmental Health & Safety Technician III217-244-1714
Jamie Richards
Research Safety Professional
Joseph Boise
Environmental Health & Safety Technician II217-300-9010
Joe Hayes
Environmental Health & Safety Technician II217-333-0407
Keith NachtigallEnvironmental Health & Safety Technician III217-333-3223
Landon HillChemical Waste Manager217-333-2436
Linda ArseneauAssociate Director, Biological Safety Officer217-244-1939
Lowre YoungSenior Project Specialist217-244-4559
Marcus LawsonResearch Safety Professional217-300-7951
Melissa RyersonResearch Safety Professional217-300-8939
Michael MilesResearch Safety Professional217-244-7362
Monica MillerDirector217-244-9585
Morris LeeResearch Safety Professional217-300-4563
Ramya KrishnanResearch Safety Professional217-333-1867
Shad BarkerSafety/Environmental Compliance Associate217-244-7606
Stephanie Tumidajski HessAssociate Director, Chemical Hygiene Officer217-244-1360
Steven HollandIT Manager/Lead Developer217-244-5652
Tina McGillAssistant Director, Administrative Services217-244-2952
Tony DengWeb Applications Developer217-333-2755
Waddah SweidAccountant I 217-333-6877

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